Wellness Specialist



Licensed Massage Therapist/Bodyworker, Reiki Master Teacher, Ordained Minister

Zimbabwe’s Shona Tribe Initiate Ceremonial Mediumship Healer

Christy’s Services:

Massage/Bodywork | Energy-Work | Chakra/Aura Balancing | Acupressure | Aromatherapy | Ancestral Healing

Personal/Group Ceremony | Spiritual/Ancestor Mentoring | Meditation | Dance

A Note from Christy:

My work has been a traditional “calling” within my family, prepared and guided by my elders since I was a child. I’ve known this was my path my whole life. I am grateful to journey this sacred path with my tribe. My background/training is carried through many traditions coalesced into a “whole” healing experience. The work I do is expansive to all individuals who actively participate. I believe that as we heal ourselves, we heal one another, and we heal those who have gone before us. The work I do is very important to me, to my family, and my lineage. I am here to serve you!