Our Tree


It’s no coincidence that we chose a tree to represent the very essence of who we are and what we stand for. Sprouting from the many seeds of our city’s rich history, our roots run deep and from them the trunk of strength that represents accomplishing great things together. If you look closely you will see the diversity of our branches representing the unique individuality of each customer we serve. Just like branches are always evolving into all sorts of shapes and sizes, so too are the needs of the patients we care for. The leaves inspired and reminded us of our prosperous heritage and the tobacco plants that provided our town with many years of success. Their green color symbolizes our passion and drive for healing, abundance, and good health. We love that trees are always pushing the limits with roots that grow deep and branches that reach high while standing the test of time and adversities that life brings. This is the heartbeat of why Edgerton Pharmacy is inspired to strive for more every day!