Medication Management

Medication Management

Edgerton Pharmacy offers two medication management programs to promote both convenience and confidence with prescriptions.


Medication Synchronization

SyncRx is a convenient way to have all your medicines filled at the same time each month.

We will call you monthly to review your medicines, contact your doctor for refills, and work with your insurance company to eliminate hassles. All your medicines will be ready for pickup or delivery before you run out.

SyncRx is ideal if you have…

  • -Frequent trips to the pharmacy to pick up multiple medicines
  • -Challenges requesting refills before you run out of medicine
  • -An active, on-the-go lifestyle

There is no cost, IT’S FREE!


Multi-dose Packaging

Dispill is a personalized packaging system that sorts and organizes your medications according to your needs. Each medicine is labeled by the date and time of day it should be taken, giving you reassurance that you took the right medicine at the right time. No more guesswork, no more bottles, no more pillboxes!

Dispill is ideal if you have…

  • -A hard time seeing small pills or reading the words on your prescription bottles?
  • -Confusion about what medicines to take and when?
  • -Multiple medications to keep up with?
  • -An active, on-the-go lifestyle?

For as little as $20-$30 per month!